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At Mejia Tree Service LLC., we understand the importance of maintaining the health and appearance of your trees. That's why we offer professional tree removal and pruning services to keep your trees looking their best while ensuring their safety.


Tree Removal 

When a tree becomes a hazard or is no longer serving its purpose, it may need to be removed. Our experienced team of professionals can safely remove trees of any size or condition. We use the latest techniques and equipment to minimize the impact on your property and ensure your safety.

Pruning & Trimming 

  • Pruning is the process of removing dead or overgrown branches to improve the overall health and appearance of a tree. Our team of certified arborists will carefully evaluate your trees and recommend the best pruning techniques to keep them healthy and looking great.

  • We also offer tree trimming services to help maintain the shape and size of your trees. Our experts will remove any overgrown or unwanted branches and ensure that your trees are properly shaped to enhance their natural beauty.


Stump Grinding 

If you have an unsightly stump in your yard, our stump removal services can help. Our team of professionals can remove stumps of any size and condition, leaving your yard looking neat and tidy.

Stump grinding

Additional Services 

Mejia Tree Service LLC., has been providing professional tree care services for many years, and is now expanding its offerings to better serve its customers.

Snow Plowing 

Residential & Commercial


Quality firewood for your home or business

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